1.2.2 After what time will a stopped/expired service be deleted?

Lifetime of a stopped service

According to our Service Rules, clause 6.11:

The Subscriber is obliged to pay for the Contractor’s services in a timely manner according to the tariffs of the selected services. The Subscriber can find out the validity period of the ordered service and, if necessary, extend it in his personal account. If the Subscriber is unable to pay for the Contractor’s services on time, the latter may provide the Subscriber with a deferred payment. To receive a deferment, the Subscriber must write a letter to finance@thehost.ua indicating his login and the fact that payment for the service is temporarily delayed.

The Contractor may give a deferment to the Subscriber, but no more than 7 calendar days.

If payment for services is not made by the Subscriber in a timely manner, the expired service is blocked and after 7 calendar days is deleted.