Whois verification service

Examples of queries: thehost.ua , or 2a0c:f00::2:222

Purpose and tasks of the Whois service

Whois serviceWhois is a special network protocol based on the TCP protocol. Its main task is to obtain registration data on domain names and their owners. In addition, the Whois service is used to obtain information about network blocks of IP addresses, as well as information about organizations or individuals who own a particular block of IP.

The WHOIS service for IP addresses allows you to determine the belonging of IP addresses to a particular provider, as well as to obtain information about the geography of the desired IP, other technical or contact information. This data is extremely important because it allows you to quickly identify the owner of the IP or, for example, get an abuse-contact of the provider for contact in case of any violations by his clients.

A domain name verification by Whois usually contains detailed information about the desired domain which includes date and time of registration, date and time of the domain name delegation, the current DNS servers of the domain, its status, and information about the registrant who owns the domain name. If the domain name does not exist, the response to the Whois query will contain information that the domain name was not found. In some cases, if the domain zone does not provide information about the domain name owner in the results of Whois queries, the Whois service may request this information from the domain registrar. Also, if desired, the registrant can specifically hide their data in the Whois results. This service is called "Privacy Protection" (Whois Protection).

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