• Dedicated servers based on NVMe SSD disk subsystem.
    It's time to speed up!

    The NVMe SSD disk subsystem accelerates
    the performance of websites, databases, web services,
    and office applications

  • Discounts on dedicated servers
    Dedicated server for the price of VPS?
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    Easy with a special offer from TheHost!
    We give a discount of up to 60% on dedicated
    servers in all budget lines

Selection of a dedicated server


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Configurations available



Dedicated server

  • Processor
  • Clock rate  Ghz
  • Number of processor cores
  • Number of CPU threads
  • CPU cache
  • Random access memory (RAM)
  • Type of RAM
  • ECC RAM support
  • Disk system
  • Network
  • Dedicated IPMI
  • Traffic
  • Operating system:Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, any Linux
  • Dedicated IP
  • Free external DNS
  • ISPManager 4 LiteFree
  • PHP


  • 2 years Saving
  • 1 year Saving
  • 6 months Saving
  • 3 months Saving
  • 1 month
  • Order


Additional server hardware

Solid state SSD drives

(from 1 to 4 devices)
120 GB
+150 409 5.7 /month
240 GB
+250 682 9.5 /month
480 GB
+400 1091 15.2 /month
960 GB
+700 1909 26.6 /month
1900 GB
+1100 3001 41.8 /month
3800 GB
+1900 5183 72.2 /month

Solid state NVMe SSD drives

(from 1 to 2 devices)
240 GB
+300 818 11.4 /month
480 GB
+500 1364 19.0 /month
960 GB
+850 2319 32.3 /month
1.9 TB
+1400 3819 53.2 /month


(from 1 to 4 devices)
320 GB
+100 273 3.8 /month
500 GB
+120 327 4.56 /month
1 TB
+200 546 7.6 /month
2 TB
+400 1091 15.2 /month
4 TB
+700 1909 26.6 /month
8 TB
+1250 3410 47.5 /month
To order additional equipment, you only need to modify the configuration of your server in your personal account by changing the value of the "Additional SSD/HDD" parameter.

About the dedicated servers service

Dedicated servers from TheHost are a special solution for large resources and high-load projects. Unlike other hosting services, this service involves the provision of a separate dedicated physical server, within which you can host your own project. In this case, 100% of the resources of the physical server will be occupied only by you. In addition, you don't have to worry about the hardware components of your server - in case of failure of any of them, the component will be replaced by our specialists as soon as possible and completely for free.

Within this service you will be able to use any operating system that suits you. In addition, if you need a server control panel, we will provide a server with ISPManager control panel already installed and configured. Therefore, immediately after ordering, you will receive a fully configured and ready-to-use server.

One static IPv4 address is provided free of charge with each server. This provides additional benefits when working with e-mail, web projects, specific software, and simplifies the repulsion of network attacks.

Dedicated servers, as well as other equipment of our hosting, are located in our own Data Center. It is equipped with four independent fiber-optic communication channels. We belong to UA-IX, and part of the world's traffic passes through such exchange resources as DTEL-IX, MSK-IX and Giganet-IX. This provides us with excellent speed in Ukraine, Russia and the whole world. You can check this by downloading test files of 500Kb, 100Mb and 1000Mb.

Hosting provider TheHost offers to order server hosting or a dedicated server. If you are not familiar with these terms, you can consult with the specialists of our contact center.

Dedicated servers from TheHost are fully configured servers. The advantages of a dedicated server are obvious: high speed for powerful resources, high hardware performance, so your resource will run faster.

There are various configurations of dedicated servers. You can choose any of them. Some technical characteristics may seem incomprehensible to you - in this situation, our experts will help and advise on choosing a dedicated server. Also on the site you can get acquainted with an additional complete set of servers to pick up the most optimum package of services.

Our hosting offers you to order dedicated servers at a reasonable low price. You can easily compare our prices with the prices of other companies and make sure that our prices for dedicated servers are really profitable.