VPS/VDS backup and snapshots

VPS/VDS backups and snapshots

The backup service allows you to forget about local backups and not waste space on a virtual dedicated server VPS/VDS for data backup. By using this service, you get exact copies of your server, which are stored on our special backup servers and do not take up your disk space.

Virtual server snapshot service opens up new possibilities for managing your VPS/VDS. Now you don't have to worry about changing service settings or software updates, which may cause the server to fail. With the snapshot service, VPS/VDS you can take a complete snapshot of your server's data at any time you want, for example, before updating important software on the server. Snapshots are stored indefinitely throughout the time of ordering the "Server Snapshots" service.

If necessary, all this will allow you to restore your entire server with all system settings at the time when the backup or snapshot was made. It is important to understand that backups and snapshots are not stored on the server VPS/VDS so even if the virtual server is completely cleaned or reinstalled, this service will restore all the data you need.

What are the benefits?

  • Permanent availability of server backups, which will always allow you to recover data after critical changes, failure or any other unforeseen situations
  • Inability to lose backups due to the fact that backups are saved on special dedicated storage
  • Regular VPS/VDS backups allow you to automatically save your virtual server data with all parameters and settings according to a schedule
  • Ability to take snapshots that preserve the image of your VPS/VDS before making important edits or any changes, receiving lists of guaranteed working configurations
  • Saving your money and time because neither backups nor snapshots take up any of your server's resources, including disk space

* This price is only the price of the add-ons "Daily backups", "Weekly backups", "Monthly backups" and "Server snapshots". The final cost of the tariff plan is calculated as the sum of the price of the tariff and all its add-ons. You can get acquainted with the cost of VPS/VDS tariff plans and add-ons in the corresponding section of the site.

To order a Backup or Server Snapshot go to personal account to the section "Goods/services" - "Virtual Servers", select your server and use the "Config." to change the value of the desired parameter.
You can also order backups and snapshots through our support service.