Anti-DDoS protection service

Anti-DDoS protection service

If your resource on the Internet has become a victim of a DDoS attack, then our anti-DDoS service is one of the best solutions. Our experts will analyze the attack and, using our active network equipment, will block it while maintaining the performance of your capacities on the Internet.

The anti-DDoS protection service is ordered for a minimum period of 1 month. At the same time, throughout the entire period of the service, all repulses of attacks within the selected anti-DDoS package are carried out by our specialists absolutely free of charge. The only exception may be a significant increase in the power of a DDoS attack, which will lead to the need of selection a different anti-DDoS protection package.

All our subscribers who have ordered any of our hosting, VPS/VDS or dedicated physical server services can order the anti-DDoS service. To provide protection within any hosting service, it is necessary that the attacked resource has a dedicated IP address.

What are the benefits?

  • Controlled recovery. Planned stabilization and recovery of your resources during a DDoS attack in the shortest possible time
  • Pay for results. Funds are debited only if the attack is successfully repelled by our specialists
  • High availability. Filtration of DDoS attack parasitic traffic minimize the impact on the targeted traffic of your resources
  • Safety. No need to involve third-party contractors or give them access to your service
from 3999 92.78 100.37 per month

To order the anti-DDoS protection service, you need to go to the clients personal account and contact the support service or send a request to the email

In the request, you must indicate which of your resources was subjected to a DDoS attack. Our experts will conduct an initial analysis and suggest possible further actions to repel DDoS.