f your resource on the Internet has become a victim of a DDoS attack, then our AntiDDoS service is just for you. Our specialists can analyze the attack and, using our active network equipment, repulse it. The power of attacks, that we can guarantee to repel is up to 350 Mbps and up to 100,000 TCP/UDP packets per second.

In this case, if within a month after ordering the AntiDDoS service the attack of the same type repeats on your resource, it will be repulsed absolutely free of charge.

All our Customers who have ordered from us any of services of hosting, VPS/VDS or the dedicated physical server can order AntiDDoS service.

What are the benefits?

  • Quick stabilization and recovery of your site in case of DDoS attack
  • Payment is made only in case of successful repulsion of the attack by our specialists
from 3999 98.38 106.37 per month
To order the AntiDDoS service you need to go to the personal account and contact our support team, indicating which resource was attacked by DDoS. Our specialists will conduct an initial analysis and suggest further actions.
The minimum cost of the AntiDDoS service is UAH 3999. The cost may increase if the attack power exceeds the guaranteed repulsion power.