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What is CSR and what is its purpose?

CSR and Private Key

CSR or Certificate Signing Request is a request for obtaining a certificate, which is a special encoded text required to issue or sign an SSL certificate. In such an encrypted request, in addition to the public key, the following information is encrypted:
The full name of the domain for which the SSL certificate is generated (Common Name), the name of your organization (Organization), the department of your organization (Organization Unit), country (Country), region (State), city (Locality), and email.

These required fields for generating CSR (Certificate Signing Request) are filled in English considering the requirements and descriptions described below:

  • The full name of the domain for which the SSL certificate is generated (Common Name). If you plan to generate an SSL certificate for all subdomains of the domain you need, i.e. the so-called Wildcard certificate, you will need to indicate "*." at the beginning of the domain. Example: *
    Please note that if your task is to issue a certificate with multiple domain protection (SAN/MDC), only one primary domain should be indicated in the domain name field.
  • The name of your organization (Organization). The exact name of your company or the full name of a private entrepreneur, if an SSL certificate is generated for him. If you are planning to issue a certificate in favor of a private person, in this case, you can also indicate your full name in this field.
    At the same time, if you decide to receive an SSL certificate with company verification (OV) or extended verification (EV), then the name of your organization (Organization) must necessarily correspond to the name indicated in the certificate of registration of a legal entity and in the Whois data of the domain name for which the certificate is generated. Example: "MyCompany LLC"
  • Department of your organization (Organization Unit). In this field you have to specify the department of the organization that purchases or maintains a SSL certificate. Example: "IT".
  • Country. Your two-character country code. Example: "UA"
  • Region (State). The name of your region. Example: "Kyivska oblast"
  • City (Locality). Your city. Example: "Kyiv"
  • Email. In this field you have to indicate the administrator's email address. Example: ""

It is also important that at the same time as creating the CSR, the Private Key of the future SSL certificate is formed. That's why when you create a new CSR, you automatically get a new Private Key.