Quality guarantee of the provided services

All software systems used in hosting, virtual and dedicated servers are fully automated, which allows our customers to perform all necessary operations automatically, without unnecessary calls to the support service. In addition, all our services are controlled by monitoring and autonomous response systems 24/7/365, which allows TheHost specialists to guarantee the quality of services.

Having solutions developed over the years of work, we can, unlike our competitors, guarantee our Subscribers the quality and high level of services provided. Therefore, we guarantee:

  1. Percentage of efficiency and availability of hosting services per month not less than 99%
  2. Percentage loss of TCP/UDP packets per month at no more than 0.45%

If the time of availability or efficiency of services is less than 99%, TheHost guarantees compensation. The compensation means free provision of hosting services for one calendar month after the month in which the Company was unable to provide services during 99%.

With some frequency, we carry out scheduled technical work on the serviced equipment. Due to this, if the work of critical infrastructure nodes is affected, such work is carried out only at night, from 00:00 to 07:00. The time and terms of such scheduled technical works are usually indicated in the announcement, which we publish for our Subscribers in advance. The time of scheduled technical work is not taken into account when calculating the percentage of efficiency and availability of services.

Quality guarantee