The Cloud VPS/VDS loyalty program

The Cloud VPS/VDS loyalty program from TheHost allows each client to receive an additional discount from 5% to 35% on cloud VPS/VDS services, depending on the volume of services ordered. Thus, when ordering 5 or more virtual servers, you are guaranteed to receive an additional discount on existing and new Cloud VPS/VDS.

The Cloud VPS/VDS loyalty program

This program includes cloud virtual servers of all tariff plans: from Cloud-1 to Cloud-32. The calculation of services on which the loyalty program is based takes into account only the number of paid Cloud VPS/VDS ordered. Services ordered during the free trial period, inactive or deleted services do not participate in the loyalty program until they are renewed on a paid basis. VPS/VDS virtual server services provided at current rates until 2022 are not included in the loyalty program.

What are the benefits?

  • Reducing IT infrastructure costs while increasing and expanding the actual fleet of Cloud virtual servers
  • Predictability of costs: as the technical and resource needs of your project grow, you can foresee when it is more profitable for you to increase the number of servers to obtain the most favorable cost
  • Reducing the unit cost of servers when you independently host the servers of your partners and clients under one account
  • Independent server management will allow you to consolidate all the servers of your clients and partners under one account, which can significantly simplify the support and maintenance of each individual project, since you will not need to store and maintain your own database of access parameters
  • Freeing up resources that can be used to expand the power and performance of your own Cloud VPS/VDS fleet

To participate in the loyalty program, you do not need to do anything other than order and renew Cloud VPS/VDS virtual servers: the program automatically connects to each Subscriber whose number of ordered virtual servers is 5 or more.

The terms of the loyalty program apply to all periods of ordering and renewing the cloud VPS/VDS service and are combined with existing discounts when paying for services for periods of 3 months or more. Thus, the maximum discount you can get when using the Cloud VPS/VDS loyalty program is more than 50%.