Additional dedicated IPs

Dedicated and additional IPv4 addresses are factors of additional stability and reliability of hosting services provided.

As you know, on a regular hosting all clients share the same IP address of each individual hosting server. Therefore, if, for example, one of the clients on your server tries to send spam, there may be situations when the entire IP address gets to the spam lists. As a result, you will not be able to send your mail for several days. Dedicated IP completely solves this problem - only you can use your dedicated IP address, which makes the situation described above impossible.

An additional IP address will also help in case of DDoS attack on a site located on your IP. This will allow you to quickly change the domain IP address to a secure one.

A dedicated IP address allows you to keep detailed statistics of visits to your sites. Some specific software may also require a dedicated IPv4 address.

What are the benefits?

  • Spam protection and guaranteed mailing
  • Additional reliability when hosting sites on shared hosting
  • Additional protection against DDoS attacks
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To order an additional IP address you need to go to the personal account, select the service and use the "Config" button to change the value of the "Dedicated IP addresses" parameter.

* Ordering an IP address is possible only for services located in Ukraine