Information about the owner, registrar and hosting of sites

Examples of queries: , or 2a0c:f00::2:222

Purpose and tasks of the service for checking information about the site.

Summary service A service was created for all our users, where all basic information about the site or the IP address of the resource will be briefly shown in a convenient form.

When checking, the site's IP address, domain expiration date and DNS servers are displayed. This will allow you to quickly see why the site is not working or when you need to renew your domain.

And also, in separate blocks, it is indicated who the domain registrar is, who is the owner of the site and the hosting provider (where the site is from).

This immediately gives an idea of who needs to be contacted regarding the operation of the domain, who owns the site and where the domain needs to be renewed, without having to search for this information in a large amount of technical text of whois services.