Software products from ISPSystem

Web server control panel

ISPmanager - a flexible and convenient hosting control panel with a simple and intuitive web interface. The ISPmanager web server control panel allows you to perform all basic operations, such as creating users, domains, mailboxes in a few clicks. The access distribution system allows you to use ISPmanager both for personal use and for the provision of professional hosting services. ISPmanager hosting panel comes in two different versions: Lite and Pro, which allows you to solve different tasks at the best price.

Panel for managing virtual servers

VDSmanager 4 is a panel for managing virtual servers based on OpenVZ, Xen, Vserver and KVM virtualization. The panel allows you to do all the necessary actions to manage virtual dedicated servers through a browser without extensive knowledge of system administration. VDSmanager 4 is able to restart virtual servers, perform OS reinstallation operations, change reverse domain records for dedicated IP addresses, and can collect and view various statistical information about the operation of virtual servers. The interface of the control panel VDSmanager 4 is convenient and clear. All modules were developed based on users' understanding of only basic knowledge in the field of web-hosting and virtualization technologies.

Infrastructure management solutions

DCImanager is a software package which helps you to simplify the maintenance of dedicated servers, centralize management of the entire Data Center infrastructure, minimize installation and maintenance costs, as well as significantly reduce downtime and provide additional services to your customers. If you provide dedicated server rental and/or colocation services, DCImanager will help you to automate all technical processes related to the allocation, accounting and reinstallation of dedicated equipment in the Data Center.

Billing system for hosting companies

BILLmanager is a billing panel for complex automation of the hosting company and the company engaged in the registration of domain names: customer registration, ordering and automatic processing of services, invoicing, contracts, acts of work performed, as well as for communication with support service. This billing panel can support multiple hosting projects and a large number of legal entities. It also has the ability to support all types of hosting services: virtual hosting, virtual dedicated VPS/VDS servers, dedicated physical servers, domain names, SSL certificates, etc. The billing panel easily integrates with many control panels, domain registrars, payment systems.

KVM visualization control solutions

VMmanager KVM is a versatile software product adapted for both virtual machine hosting and data warehouse construction. With VMmanager KVM you can manage not only one node, but also a large cluster of servers, which will allow you to scale the business as it grows and without additional costs and investments at any stage. VMmanager KVM will help you reduce hardware costs. With virtualization, you can greatly simplify the distribution of administrative tasks, increase resilience to failures of your project and achieve a gradual upgrade and growth of the hardware platform.

OpenVZ virtualization management solution

VMmanager OVZ is a solution for the OpenVZ virtualization system implemented at the operating system level. It allows you to run multiple isolated copies of the operating system on a single physical server - so-called virtual environments or containers. OpenVZ-level virtualization provides the best performance, scalability, placement density, dynamic resource management, and ease of administration compared to alternative solutions.

Name server management system

DNSmanager is a secondary domain name server (DNS) management system designed to integrate with ISPSystem control panels as well as to use a single product by providing DNS hosting services to your customers. This control panel will allow you to easily organize single name servers for your clients, regardless of the size of the entire network infrastructure.

IP address distribution system

IPmanager is a flexible, automatic system for distributing IP addresses between multiple servers. It is an ancillary product that integrates with the following control panels: ISPmanager, VMmanager OVZ, VMmanager KVM, DCImanager and DNSmanager.

ISPSystem software is a solution that allows server administrators, hosting and network access providers to deploy their projects, websites and resources on servers on the Internet quickly, conveniently and without specific experience of Linux server administration. Using our personal account, you will be able to manage the ordered licenses for ISPSystem software in a fully automatic mode, which includes not only the order, but also the change of such license properties as name or IP address.

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