DCImanager is a software package with which you can significantly simplify the maintenance of dedicated servers, centralize the management of the entire infrastructure of the Data Center, minimize installation and maintenance costs, significantly reduce downtime and provide additional services to your customers.

Functions offered by the control panel for data centers:

  • Automatic installation and reinstallation of operating system images.
  • Automatic search and addition of new equipment.
  • Accounting of servers. Wide range of server management tools, including iKVM.
  • Accounting and management of the Data Center infrastructure and network equipment: network switches and power distributors.
  • Statistics on the use of traffic and power consumption by servers, temperature monitoring in an accessible illustrated format.
  • Virtual network management (VLAN).
  • Construction of a visual map of the Data Center.
  • Diagnostics of physical servers to accurately determine the configuration.
  • Server recovery mode, which allows you to download the server over the network without additional local devices.
  • Two-tier system of distribution of access rights to the web interface.
  • Improved diagnostics of problems that occur during system operation, with the possibility of automatic solution or clear instructions for elimination of these problems.

Why DCImanager?

  • Providing additional services and opportunities for your Customers
  • Automation of leased services of physical dedicated servers
  • Ability to automatically install the OS on leased servers
  • Extended monitoring of the Data Center infrastructure
  • Ability to manage, control and restore servers when using iKVM

Starting from the 2nd quarter of 2021, our Company has decided to no longer provide services for the sale of licenses for this software. If necessary, you can purchase this software on the official website of the developer.

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