• Maximum reliability
    Maximum reliability

    Storage servers are built on the basis of RAID arrays,
    double clustering and data redundancy
    in our different data centers. This ensures that all your
    files are kept safe.

  • All your files close at hand
    All your files close at hand

    Reliable scalable file storage, suitable for both small tasks,
    and for storing bulk backups, video surveillance
    recordings and very large projects.

  • The most profitable solution
    The most profitable solution

    Using this service for storing data
    is much more profitable than overpaying for
    additional disk space on your server.

The "Personal backup Disk" service is temporarily unavailable for ordering.

Personal backup disk (FTP hosting)

The service "Personal backup disk" or, as it is called, "FTP-hosting", "FTP-storage" allows you to get from 25 GB of disk space on a dedicated backup server with the ability to access your data via FTP, FTPS. If necessary, you can easily increase the amount of disk space to the desired size.

This service can be used as a multifunctional storage of your files, backups and other important information. All servers used within the "Personal backup disk" service are based on fault-tolerant RAID arrays, which minimizes the possibility of possible failure or loss of data.

What are the benefits?

  • Safe, reliable and expandable data storage. Flexible tariff plans allow you to choose any desired configuration.
  • Own convenient control panel for working with FTP-users.
  • The most cost-effective solution for storing backups and bulk data.