Personal backup disk (FTP hosting)

The service "Personal backup disk" or, as it is called, "FTP-hosting", "FTP-storage" allows you to get from 25 GB of disk space on a dedicated backup server with the ability to access your data via FTP, FTPS, HTTP and WebDav. WebDav support will allow you to use the backup disk as a regular network drive in Windows/MacOS. If necessary, you can easily increase the amount of disk space to the desired size.

This service can be used as a multifunctional storage of your files, backups and other important information. All servers used within the "Personal backup disk" service are based on fault-tolerant RAID arrays, which minimizes the possibility of possible failure or loss of data.

What are the benefits?

  • Secure and reliable data storage with expansion function. Ability to work as a Windows network drive.
  • Backup servers are built on the basis of fault-tolerant RAID arrays, which prevents loss of information due to a failure of one of the drives
  • Full compatibility with ISPManager, VMManager, VDSManager products for creating remote backups
The "Personal backup Disk" service is temporarily unavailable for ordering.