Additional processor cores

During the operation of a virtual dedicated server, you may face a situation when the increased requirements of your project require higher speed and performance. In such a situation, you can either increase the tariff plan of your server VPS/VDS, or equip it with additional resources. These resources include: processor cores, random access memory (RAM), additional NVMe storage capacity, or additional backups and snapshots.

Additional processor cores for VPS/VDS

With the help of additional processor cores of the virtual server VPS/VDS you can quickly and easily increase the performance of your server. More cores will allow your server to process requests faster and in more numbers. Since additional processor cores are an additional service, in contrast to a complete change of the tariff plan, the server VPS/VDS you can either increase or decrease its value at any time.

What are the benefits?

  • A noticeable increase in performance of your virtual dedicated server VPS/VDS when processing multi-threaded tasks
  • Saving money in case you need to speed up your server, but the hosting budget does not allow you to upgrade your tariff plan to a more powerful one
  • An order can only be made for a certain time when you need to get more performance from your virtual server
  • Flexibility in resource management allows you to use only those resources that are needed for your tasks at any given time

* This price is only the cost of the "Number of Processor Cores" add-on. The final cost of the tariff plan is calculated as the sum of the price of the tariff and all its add-ons. You can get acquainted with the cost of tariff plans and VPS/VDS add-ons in the corresponding section of the site.

To order additional processor cores of the virtual server VPS/VDS, you need to go the personal account in the section "Products/services" - "Virtual servers", select your VPS/VDS server and using the "Config." at the top of the list, change the value of the "Number of processor cores" parameter to the desired number.
You can also order additional processor cores by contacting our technical support service.