About the company

TheHost.ua is one of the 10 largest hosting providers in Ukraine TheHost.ua Reward

Our Company has been operating in the hosting services market since 2007. We provide a full range of hosting services, including shared hosting, virtual dedicated servers and dedicated physical servers. Our main task is to provide quality and affordable services that are the basis of the modern Internet.

We are one of the few who guarantees uptime and online time at the level of at least 99%. We are trusted by both small business card sites and large portals, websites of government agencies, large high-load projects and Internet startups. This is why we have become one of the largest hosting providers in Ukraine.

Extensive experience in the field of hosting and well-coordinated work of our team over the years have ensured a high level of user confidence in our service. Our efforts have resulted in various prestigious ratings awards, as well as the "Consumers Choice 2020" award from the All-Ukrainian Industry Analytical Center.

By becoming our customer, you trust us with part of your reputation. That's why we don't work with someone else's rented equipment. All our servers and equipment are serviced by our specialists who maintain it and monitor it regularly. This allows us to always maintain the level of reliability and control of our solutions - the product for which you end up paying and expect a quality result.

Our contacts

Contact phone in Poland:
Contact phone in the USA:
Fax number in Ukraine:
  • +38 (044) 222-9-888
Fax number in Poland:
  • +48 (22) 602-28-42
Fax number in the USA:
  • +1 (424) 208-02-04

Business card:

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All incoming requests, except for calls to the technical support service, are processed on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 Kyiv time.
Requests for 24/7 technical support of TheHost subscribers are accepted and processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Data Centers

Our equipment and main technical facilities are located in our own Data Centers. In terms of technical characteristics, they correspond to the data center class Tier-2 and Tier-3, which once again confirms the high level of quality of services we provide.

In our work we use only proven hardware solutions from Intel, Supermicro, HP, Dell, Samsung, Asus, HGST. The network infrastructure is built using Cisco, Juniper Networks, Arista Networks, DLink equipment.

TheHost equipment

To ensure high availability and data transfer rate, it is equipped with 4 independent fiber-optic channels, with a total bandwidth of more than 84 Gbps.

The power supply of our Data Centers has a double redundancy system:

  • at the first level there are powerful uninterruptible power supplies Online-UPS Riello, which are switched on in the N+1 scheme. Such systems are able to ensure the independent operation of all equipment in the Data Center for more than several hours, as well as to provide the ability to carry out scheduled technical work without disconnecting the end user;

Uninterruptible power supply

  • at the second level safety is guaranteed by industrial three-phase diesel generators, which are equipped with a special system of automatic commissioning of DGS (ARA).

Diesel generator

The cooling system in our Data Centers has a double redundancy, which guarantees the necessary cooling of the Data Center even in case of failure of one of the chiller systems.

The fire extinguishing system was not left out either - it was made using an automatic air extinguishing system (the gas used is Hladon-125).

Automatic fire extinguishing system