Advanced Administration

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If your task goes beyond basic technical support and Basic administration, then one of the best methods to solve it is the Advanced administration service from TheHost. Advanced administration provides paid performance of specific system administration actions, according to a pre-agreed technical task.

The cost of the service is calculated based on the labor costs required to implement the task. The calculation takes into account the complexity of the task and the time required to complete it.

The minimum cost of labor is 400 UAH per 1 hour of the estimated task implementation. The minimum period for which you can order the Advanced administration service is 1 hour. Payment for the service is carried out only after the completion of the goals agreed in the technical task. To order and start work on our part, it is necessary that your personal balance has the funds amount agreed as payment for the service.

What are the benefits?

  • Safety. No need to involve third-party contractors and provide them with access to the server
  • Quality assurance. You can be sure that your assignment will be completed on time and according to the task
  • Experienced specialists. Our administrators have extensive experience in configuring various software in Linux
  • Technical task. All work is carried out only after agreeing on your requirements
  • Affordable prices. The cost of system administration services is agreed before the start of work
400 9.84 10.64 in hour

To order Advanced Administration, TheHost customers need to contact our technical support service to agree on the characteristics of your task.

After the task is reviewed by our specialists, you will be given a conclusion of the possibility of completing the task, its timing and cost. To start the task completion, it will be enough for you to replenish your balance in your personal account and inform our support service about your consent to perform an Advanced administration.