Disk subsystem based on NVMe SSD

For fast operation of almost all services on a virtual dedicated VPS/VDS server, a fast response from the disk subsystem is required. VPS/VDS from TheHost guarantee high performance of the I/O subsystem in 24/7/365 mode through the use of high-performance enterprise-class NVMe SSD drives from such global brands as: Intel, Solidigm and Hynix.

But what to do if you do not have enough disk space for VPS/VDS allocated by the tariff plan? In this case, along with an increase in the tariff plan, an excellent solution would be to increase the allocated space of the NVMe SSD. This method can be significantly more cost effective if you are running low on VPS/VDS disk space.

VPS/VDS based on NVMe SSD disk subsystem

The minimum step for increasing the size of an NVMe virtual disk is 10 GB. An important feature of changing the amount of NVMe disk space is that it can be increased, but not reduced. Also, after changing the size of the virtual drive of your virtual server, you will need to re-partition the existing logical disk to increase the actual amount of disk space available in the OS of the virtual server. You can do this using your operating system or using bootable ISO disks such as GParted.

What are the benefits?

  • Maximum operating speed, as well as the performance of all applications that actively use the disk subsystem
  • Cost savings, allowing you to get more high-performance NVMe SSD-based disk subsystem at an affordable cost
  • Increasing the volume of NVMe does not lead to any degradation in the performance of the disk subsystem on your VPS/VDS server
  • Separate logical drive. At your discretion, the additional volume of VNMe disk space can be used not to increase the existing logical disk, but to create a new one, which can allow isolating the system disk subsystem from the additional
  • Gradual increase. If your tasks require more disk space, then you can increase the size of the NVMe disk at least every day

* The prices shown are the cost of each additional 10 GB of NVMe disk space within the VPS/VDS virtual server service. The final cost of the tariff plan is calculated as the sum of the price of the tariff and all its additions. You can get acquainted with the cost of tariff plans and VPS / VDS add-ons in the corresponding section of the site.

To order additional space based on NVMe SSD, you need to go to your personal account in the "Products/Services" - "Virtual Servers" section, select your VPS/VDS server and use the "Config." at the top of the list, change the value of the "NVMe SSD storage" parameter to the desired value.
You can also order this disk subsystem by contacting our technical support service.