Disk subsystem based on NVMe SSD

VPS / VDS based on NVMe SSD disk subsystem

For fast operation of almost all services on a virtual dedicated server VPS/VDS the fast response from a disk subsystem is required. In the realities of virtualization, where virtual servers VPS/VDS compete for resources, the I/O subsystem must provide maximum performance 24/7/365. Unfortunately, even SATA-based SSDs, let alone HDDs, cannot provide the required IOPS and linear read/write speeds. This is due to the limitations of the interface and the hardware implementation of the drives.

Compared to SATA SSDs, our industrial NVMe SSD drives provide at least a 12x increase in serial read speed, 6x increase in write speed, and 10x increase in the number of random I/O operations (IOPS). The use of such a disk subsystem will primarily speed up the work of all services that actively read and write data.

The result of using an NVMe SSD is a significant acceleration of virtual servers VPS/VDS, as well as resources that work on its basis. NVMe SSD speeds up websites, databases, web services, and office applications.

What are the benefits?

  • Maximum speed, as well as the performance of all applications that actively use the disk subsystem
  • Cost savings, which allows you to get at a reasonable price the speed of a disk subsystem commensurate with the speed of a dedicated server storage system based on SSD

What works faster?

  • Databases

    Databases MySQL Databases PostgreSQL Databases Microsoft SQL Databases Oracle Databases MongoDB
  • Web services

    Web service NginX Web service Apache Web service Microsoft IIS Web service Lighttpd
  • Accounting and office applications

    Group of accounting programs 1C Document management system M.E.Doc Office application Microsoft Access Office application Microsoft Excell Web browser Google Chrome Web browser Mozilla Firefox

* This price is only the price of the supplement "Disk subsystem" - "NVMe SSD". The final price of the tariff plan is calculated as the sum of the price of the tariff and all its add-ons. You can get acquainted with the cost of VPS/VDS tariff plans and add-ons in thecorresponding section of the site.

To order a disk subsystem based on NVMe SSD you need to go to the personal account to the section "Products/services" - "Virtual Servers", select your VPS/VDS server and use the "Config" button. at the top of the list, change the value of the disk subsystem parameter to the desired value.
You can also order this disk subsystem by contacting our technical support service.