Basic administration

The basic administration service allows you to simplify the use of VPS/VDS virtual dedicated servers with the ability to delegate the most common tasks that arise during the operation of VPS/VDS, to the technical support of TheHost hosting provider.

Basic administration VPS/VDS

Basic administration, like other TheHost services, is provided in accordance with the Terms of Service and includes the execution of following tasks by TheHost technical support:

  • Automatic installation of the virtual server operating system in the web interface of the control panel exclusively from the available list of templates;
  • Automatic or manual installation of one of the control panels: ISPmanager 4, Hestia, FastPanel, aaPanel;
  • Checking the current load and the amount of occupied disk space on the VPS/VDS server with the installed OS of the Linux family;
  • Providing recommendations on choosing the optimal tariff plan for a virtual server;
  • Checking the size of the mail queue on the virtual server VPS/VDS;
  • Starting, stopping or restarting the VPS/VDS services installed on the server with the Linux family OS installed.

What are the benefits?

  • Simplify your work with your virtual server: just contact support and get the result
  • Saving time and money when solving typical problems. You can no longer waste time on routine operations
  • Safety. No need to involve third-party contractors and provide them with access to the server
  • Ease of use. You can even create an application for basic administration by e-mail
  • Quality assurance. You can be sure that your request will be completed in time and according to the task
To order basic administration for TheHost VPS/VDS service clients, simply create a request with a description of the required task in your personal account or by e-mail