Colocation and server placement

Placement of servers (colocation) in TheHost's Data Centers is a great solution for both individuals and companies of all sizes. We provide a constant connection to the Internet, guaranteed power supply, the necessary cooling for stable operation of server equipment, as well as the required level of cleanliness in our airspace.

Our Customers can always count on our assistance in supporting the operation of their servers within the entire life cycle of the server equipment placement service. We also provide on request IP-KVM system, which allows you to remotely control the equipment as if the subscriber is directly near his server.

"Colocation" service in Ukraine from TheHost is flexible: thanks to the support of VLAN 802.1Q technology we provide our Customers with the opportunity to form their own local networks. If the Customer is the owner of an autonomous system (AS), then using our capacity, he will be able to easily announce the blocks of IP addresses assigned to him via the BGP protocol on the Internet.

We accept RAC, MINI TOWER and TOWER enclosures for server placement. If your server is made in a non-standard form factor and it can be a mobile terminal, GSM-gateway or any other specific equipment, then its placement is also possible, but in this case it is necessary to agree this with our support service.

You can deliver your equipment to us independently or using services of any Ukrainian transport company (Nova Poshta, Autolux).

Why is it profitable?

  • The most reasonable price. When using the colocation service (server accommodation) you do not rent anything and pay only for the placement itself.
  • You do not need to worry about all the necessary infrastructure for quality and reliable operation of your equipment. TheHost takes care of everything.
  • The colocation service provides our technical support, as well as the provision of IP-KVM on request, which allows you to manage the server as if you were working with it locally at arm's length.
  • The placement of your equipment is supported by a bilateral formal agreement, according to which we accept your equipment and are responsible for the quality of services provided.

Colocation price calculation

Dimensions of the equipment

Required power

Internet access channel

Channel for local connectivity


Additional height

Dedicated IP addresses

Your order

Dimensions of the equipment *Get a discount
If you pay for 3 months - discount 3%
If you pay for 6 months - discount 5%
If you pay for 1 year - discount 10%
If you pay for 2 years - discount 20%
Required power
Channel for Internet access
Channel for local connectivity
Dedicated IP addresses:
1 piece
Additional height
Announcement AS+PI/PA BGP 249 467 8.39 /per month
Dedicated VLAN 802.1Q 49 92 1.65 /per month
Backup power outlet 99 185 3.34 /per month
Connection channel for IPMI(iLO) 49 92 1.65 /per month
Colocation price
/per month

Server placement (colocation)

Server placement service (colocation) is the placement of your servers and other equipment that requires uninterrupted access to the Internet in the Data Center. Uninterrupted power supply, maintenance of optimal temperature and humidity, as well as physical protection against unauthorized access are also necessary for the quality operation of the equipment placed within the collocation service. All this is provided by TheHost to its Customers at reasonable prices.

TheHost, providing colocation services in Ukraine, allows the placement of servers and equipment of various form factors: from 1U Rack to TOWER. We remind you of physical dimensions of these sizes:

  • 1U Rack – width 19 inches (482.6 mm), height 1,719 inches (43.7 mm), depth up to 900 mm
  • MINI TOWER – width up to 152 mm, length up to 432 mm, height up to 432 mm
  • TOWER – width up to 255 mm, length up to 482 mm, height up to 585 mm

Server placement (colocation) in Ukraine, in Kyiv and Kyiv region from TheHost is a profitable and reliable solution for both individuals and legal entities. Colocation in TheHost's Data Centers is performed in compliance with all necessary legal norms, including the signing of a contract for colocation service between the hosting service provider TheHost and the Customer who hosts servers and equipment.