Additional random access memory (RAM)

Additional random access memory (RAM) for VPS/VDS

If your tasks require a larger amount of RAM than provided by your tariff plan of VPS/VDS, if using a virtual dedicated server VPS/VDS you experience a lack of RAM, then, in addition to increasing the tariff plan, you can also add the required amount of additional RAM. This will help increase the stability and quality of your server, as well as save money without switching to a more expensive tariff plan for the virtual dedicated server service VPS/VDS.

What are the benefits?

  • Saving money by paying only for RAM without overpaying for other server features
  • Flexibility in resource management allows you to use only those resources that are needed for your tasks at any given time
  • Orders can only be placed for a limited time when you need to use more RAM

* The listed price is only the price of the Extra RAM add-on. The final cost of the tariff plan is calculated as the sum of the price of the tariff and all its add-ons. Get to know the cost of tariff plans and VPS / VDS add-ons can be found in the corresponding section of the site.

To order additional RAM you need to go to personal account and in the section "Goods/services" - "Virtual servers" select your server and use the "Config." to change the value of the "Additional RAM" parameter.
You can also order additional RAM by contacting our technical support service.