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Purpose and tasks of the domain transfer service

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A domain name is first and foremost your property. By common law, this is the object of your personal intellectual property. Based on this, if you decide to perform the transfer of a domain name for service to us as an accredited domain name registrar, no one has the right to prevent you from performing this procedure. Usually, to transfer a domain, you need to contact the old domain name registrar, inform him that you want to transfer the domain to the new registrar and ask for the transfer code or, as it is also called, the code of the domain name transfer to another registrar.

The procedure of a domain name transfer is free, fast and secure. It usually takes 5 calendar days from the beginning of the domain transfer procedure. The domain transfer itself is free, but most domain zones extend the domain for 1 year during the transfer. That is why when performing a domain transfer in our personal account, the system may ask you to pay for the extension of the domain for 1 year at our price.

Domain cashback!

Cashback from TheHost for domain name transfer

From September 2020, we are launching a permanent offer for the transfer of domain names for our service. If the transfer of the domain is successful, up to 40% of the transfer price will be refunded to your internal account in the personal account depending on the domain zone of the domain you transferred.
These funds can be used in the future for the entire list of our services, including hosting, domain names, virtual and dedicated servers, as well as SSL certificates.