TheHost's set of services for hosting and registering domain names under your own brand

Own hosting "Turnkey"

Hosting reselling

Hosting reselling allows you to independently provide your customers with quality hosting services under your own name. Reselling has many additional features and capabilities that will not be available in regular hosting.

Domain reselling

Domain reselling allows you to purchase domain names from TheHost at wholesale prices with a cumulative discount system. This is advantageous if you plan to register a large number of domains.

A set of services "Own turnkey hosting" hepls anyone to build their own infrastructure from scratch to provide virtual hosting services, domain name registration, as well as to use a specialized system of accounting and management of customer orders, payments, invoices.

The "Own turnkey hosting" service is perfect not only for small hosting providers and domain name registrars, but also for design and website development studios or for individual developers. Depending on individual needs, you can use only a part of the presented services, paying only for services necessary for you and your clients.