SSL certificates

The use of any of our products involves the transfer of confidential data between your server and clients. The simplest example of such data is the authentication data (username/password) used to login to the control panel. If we talk about the billing system, then there is much more confidential data, from personal information to financial data. Providing reliable protection for these data is extremely important.

All our software products "by default" work on the SSL (https://) protocol, which is the industry standard for securing data transmission on the Internet. An SSL certificate is used to create a secure connection between the web server and the client browser to uniquely identify the server.

Benefits of SSL certificate?

  • Increasing the credibility of your site
  • Protection against distortion of transmitted data on your site
  • Confirmation of authenticity and confidentiality of data

Selection of the certificate

Certification centers

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DDomain Validated Certificates

When ordering certificates of this type, the domain name ownership is verified. The order of such certificates is possible both by individuals and legal entities. When placing an order for a certificate, you will need to specify the "E-mail address for confirmation" in the certified domain. This email address will verify your ownership of the domain. The specified address must necessarily exist, since all letters with further instructions from the certification center will be sent to this email box.

We draw your special attention to the fact that it is problematic to issue certificates for domains whose names contain hints of a bank, financial institutions and other possible suspicions of phishing. If you really represent a credit or financial organization, you can only issue certificates with additional verification of the organization.

EVEV (Extended Validation) — Extended verification when ordering a certificate

For certificates of this type, all the necessary checks of your organization are carried out, including the mandatory filling out of forms with the data of your company, certified by a signature and a seal. The reward for such a complex design is the highest level of trust in such certificates from all kinds of browsers with the display of the "green address bar". It will make clear to your site visitors that the site has passed a serious check and all the data transmitted between the visitor and the site is reliably protected. This type of certificate is suitable for the submission of annual reports to the US Internal Revenue Service, in accordance with the FATCA law. Sectigo / Comodo EV SSL is listed on the IRS Official Recommended List.

"Green address bar" in different browsers:

Green address bar
CSCCode Signing — Certificates for software signing

Certificates for Code Signing and Software Protection are widely used by many developers. They are primarily intended for digital signature of program code. The code signed in this way, specifying the name of the publisher and protecting the program from the inclusion of malicious code or other types of changes, provides the same high security as a store bought boxed software. The use of Code Signing certificates significantly increases the security and level of confidence in software that can be transmitted using insecure public communication channels.

D+ODomain and Organization Validated Certificates

When ordering "organization verification" certificates, not only domain ownership is verified, but also the fact that the certified domain belongs to the specified organization. A website protected by such a certificate will display the name of your organization in the address bar of the browser. Before ordering a D+O certificate, make sure that according to the data WHOIS your domain really belongs to your organization and not a third party such as your boss or your system administrator.

WCWildCard — Subdomain support

Wildcards can be used on all subdomains of your domain. One such certificate will be valid for all domains like,,, etc. without any restrictions on the number of subdomains. When generating an application for a Wildcard certificate, use "*" as the Common Name (CN), where is your domain name.

IDNIDN — Country Code Support Certificates

Certificates supporting domains in national languages, as well as domains containing non-Latin characters. If your domain name contains non-Latin characters, you need to order a certificate with IDN support to obtain a certificate for such a site.

3WWWW subdomain support

Certificates with WWW subdomain support allow you to protect both the domain name itself and its WWW subdomain with a single certificate. Support for this function is quite important, because even if you have a redirect from the www subdomain to the main domain, users going to your domain will first see a certificate error.

SANSAN — Multi-domain certificates MDC/UCC

Multi-Domain Certificates correctly protect multiple domains at once. With this type of certificate, you can protect a whole set (up to 100) of your own sites and their subdomains.

SGCSGC — Highest level of encryption

Enforced High Level Encryption (SGC) certificates provide the highest level of encryption for transmitted data, regardless of the types and versions of clients' browsers. If the user is using an older browser version that only supports 40 or 56 bit encryption, then, when using an SGC certificate, the connection will still force 128 bit encryption.

WARRANTYSSL certificate guarantee

A certification center guarantee for certificates issued by it describes the amount in monetary terms that an end user of a site using a certificate issued by a certification authority will receive if it incurs losses through the fault of the certification center. Such losses can occur only in a few cases:

  1. If, as a result of an error in issuing a certificate, the certificate will be issued to a third-party fraudulent resource;
  2. If intruders manage to decrypt the encrypted certificate key.

In the cases described above, certification centers undertake to reimburse users for financial losses with the limit of liability specified in the guarantee.

It is important to understand that the guarantee of an SSL certificate is provided only by means of a certification center. TheHost, which provides the issuance of SSL certificates as part of the interaction of website owners and certification centers, has no right to interfere with the issues of obtaining a possible guarantee payment from a certification center, and also has no right to take over the responsibility of certification centers to users of issued SSL certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the SSL certificates purchased from you on other hosting?

Of course, there are no restrictions in this regard.

I paid for an SSL certificate for multiple years in advance. Will the SSL automatically be applied to my website every year?

Unfortunately, no. Every year, you need to issue a new iteration of the certificate, go through the domain validation procedure, and connect it to your website. This is part of the current SSL security requirements.

Is it possible to change the domain validation method from the standard Email to some other method?

Yes. SSL certificates often have three domain validation methods - through email, verification file, or domain DNS record. Some SSLs may have a smaller list. You can contact support to clarify the details and change the validation method.

Can you help me with the installation of your SSL certificate on your services?

If you encounter difficulties in installing SSL, please contact technical support for assistance, we will help you.

Do I need to go through the validation process only once when ordering an SSL or for every renewal?

Domain ownership validation is a mandatory procedure both for the issuance and renewal of SSL certificates. Without passing this validation, the certificate will not be issued by the certification authority.

Can I check the current status of the SSL on my domain somewhere?

Yes, you can use some online services for that, for example:

Can I reissue the certificate for the next year in advance to avoid possible downtime due to its validation and installation?
The cost of SSL certificates varies from a few hundred to tens of thousands of hryvnias, what is the reason for this?
Do you provide services for selling Extended Validation (EV SSL) certificates?
Can I purchase a multi-domain SSL or a certificate with support for subdomains from you?
Do you have SSL certificates in your assortment that support IDN domains for domains with a Cyrillic address?

If you search the network for an SSL certificate, you can use requests such as ssl certificate, https certificates, buy an inexspensive ssl. These SSL certificates can cost differently depending on the brand of the certification center that issued the SSL certificate, the size of the guarantee that it provides and technical features. If you are looking for information and suggestions on one of the above topics, we are glad to present you offers from TheHost.

We are a hosting provider. We offer the most powerful servers that will ensure fast and reliable operation of your sites. Using SSL certificates ordered from our company, you can transfer important information without the risk of any data leakage. SSL certificates provide reliable protection of the simplest information and even more so guarantee the safety of transmission, for example, financial data or other confidential data.

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