CMS installation

For customers who for various reasons can not independently install the required CMS or "engine" of the site, we provide a paid service to install a CMS for hosting.

The CMS installation service involves downloading and installing the necessary "engine" of the site on your hosting or server purchased from us. It can be any popular or rare CMS. Our experts will be able to both analyze the compliance of the CMS you need with the characteristics of the ordered hosting or server, as well as carry out the installation and initial configuration.

At the end of the work, we test the installed CMS for the correct operation on the hosting and provide you with all the necessary parameters for access and management of your site.

What are the benefits?

  • Guaranteed high-quality installation and configuration of the site content management system you need
  • The work is performed only by our specialists, who, in addition to installation, check the requirements and correct operation of the configured CMS
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To order the CMS installation service you need to go to the personal account and contact our support service, indicating which CMS, which version and which site to install.
The minimum price of the CMS Installation is 100 UAH. It can be increased if the engine installation requires additional non-standard edits, configuration or installation of non-standard software.