Website verification service

Purpose and tasks of the site verification service

Website verification service Website verification service allows you to track the correct operation of web resources. The verification includes obtaining general information about the IP address where the specified resource is located. In addition, the system checks the correctness of the DNS settings of the domain name by polling all of its nameservers. If the information about the domain name is missing on at least one of its nameservers, the domain will be unstable - in some cases it will not work for potential visitors.

Website verification service also includes checking the availability of the resource from different parts of the world. Web resource availability is measured by estimating ICMP packet traffic statistics (PING) and by remotely downloading HTTP/HTTPS resources. The first allows you to track network latency, as well as the presence or absence of any loss in data transmission between nodes. Remote loading of HTTP/HTTPS resources allows the user to find out the load time of the desired page of a website in any part of the world. At the moment, measurements are taken from Ukraine, Russia and Germany.