7.5 Self-return of equipment

If you wish to return equipment from TheHost DC yourself or with the help of an authorized person, which necessarily includes personal presence, then to complete this procedure you must complete the following steps:

  1. Notify us about the future removal of equipment by sending the operator a corresponding application from personal account or by email to info@thehost.ua.

  2. Before the equipment is removed, pay off your debt, if any.

  3. Based on the specified application, we generate and send you an Equipment Return Certificate in electronic form.

  4. Carefully read the Equipment Return Certificate, print it in two copies and sign.

  5. In advance, no earlier than one day, inform the date and time of the planned return of equipment from TheHost DC.

  6. On our part, the absence of debt is checked and the date of the visit is confirmed/not confirmed.

  7. On the agreed date and time, visit the TheHost DC. In this case, you or your authorized representative must have with you a document confirming your identity, as well as originals of Equipment Return Certificates described in paragraph No. 4.

  8. Receive your own equipment dismantled from TheHost DC and receive from TheHost representative a second copy of the Equipment Return Certificate signed on our part.