3.8.2 Can't add domain: message Remote service dnsmgr return error

When adding a domain name in the control panel, you may receive an error like the following: Remote service dnsmgr return error. Internal Error:


This error indicates that the specified domain is already parked on our name servers, but on a different service. This can be either your other hosting or a virtual/dedicated server.

You need to delete the domain on another service, and then repeat the parking operation again.

If the domain is on a service that is disabled or unavailable to you, or you find it difficult to determine where to park the domain, contact support, we will help you with parking the domain. You can contact support about this only if the specified domain is serviced in your personal account.

Tip: You can find out where the domain is actually parked using any online checker, for example, using our service for checking the operation of websites.