3.6.3 Transferring a site between hosting services, ISPmanager control panel

In this step-by-step instructions, we will look in detail at how to transfer a website between our hosting services.

1. Create a new transfer task Creating a transfer task

Creating transfer task 2

Creating transfer task 3

2. We exclude unnecessary sites and databases from the task, except for those that we are transferring: If we need to transfer all sites and databases, then we skip this point and go straight to the next point. Eliminating unnecessary things in a task

  • To select the required site: Select site
  • To select the required database: Base selection

3. We start creating the task we have configured:

Start a task

Please note: the time it takes to create a backup depends on the volume of data; on average, this operation can take 20-40 minutes. It is advisable to disable the task at the end of the operation so that the copy is not created again after a specified time interval.

4. We delete only the DNS record of the site we are transferring, while leaving the WWW domain: Domain names

Domain names 2

5. After the backup has been created, go to the control panel of the new hosting, find our archive (backup) and perform a local import

5.1 Copy the path and name of our backup: Import 1

5.2 We start the operation of importing sites from a backup copy: Import 2

5.3 We indicate the IP of the new hosting, from where our site will work after import: Import 3

The site has been successfully transferred. As soon as the DNS records of the domain are updated in the world, the site will open from the new hosting.