6.3.6 Monitoring, Notifications, Action Log

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Monitoring of your Cloud Storage service is carried out using the control panel KeepData, with using the Monitoring and logs drop-down submenu:

KeepData, submenu Monitoring and logs

Let’s look at the purpose of each of the sections in this section.

Disk usage

The last of the subsection tabs, Disk usage, shows you the amount of disk space and inode occupied by certain directories and files on your Cloud Storage:

KeepData, Disk Usage

You can navigate through directories in descending order as in the regular File Manager.

Clicking the Directory button will open the selected directory in the File Manager, clicking the Autodelete button initiates setting up a task for data autoclean for the selected catalogue.

Activity log

The Activity log stores a record of all actions taken in your control panel over the past 365 days:

KeepData, Operation Log

In a simplified form, a record consists of the time an action was performed and the function performed. By selecting an entry and clicking the only button provided, you will open its detailed view:

Operation log, entry details


Tip: This section is about notifications inside the KeepData panel. Even if you have disabled all notifications in the Cloud storage panel, we will still notify you in your personal account when you are approaching a disk space or inode limit.

The Notifications tab will allow you to view all received notifications:

KeepData, Notifications

The notifications themselves can be configured in the settings of your main user:

KeepData, Notification settings

Please note: for KeepData notifications to work, you must confirm the email address you provided.