1.3.4 How to order an SSL certificate

How to choose the right SSL

In order for your site to be accessible via the encrypted protocol https://, to be protected from distortion of transmitted data and to inspire more trust among its Visitors, an SSL certificate must be ordered for the site.

A detailed description of certificates and their properties can be found on our website. Before ordering, be sure to read the description of the certificate verification properties, since all data filled in when ordering will undergo appropriate verification, depending on the selected certificate.

Types of SSL

Instructions for ordering an SSL certificate

In order to order a certificate, you need to go to Your personal account to the section “Products/Services” - “SSL certificates” , click the “Order” icon and select the desired certificate from the list. How to order SSL

Go further and select the input method “CSR and Private key generation”. We fill in all the fields in Latin, indicate the domain for which you want to order a certificate (for Wildcard SSL, the domain must be specified with an asterisk in the form *.domain.name) and E-Mail is indicated in the form admin@your_domain.

First SSL order form

Be sure to make sure that you have access to the admin@your_domain mailbox for which you are ordering a certificate, since it should receive confirmation of the certificate and further instructions. If such a mailbox does not exist, you can create it after ordering and contact support with a request to resend the confirmation email.

Go ahead and save the private signing key of your certificate to your PC. You can also save it in the system, then you can always view it in your personal account in the properties of your certificate.

Secret key

Then fill in the administrator’s contact information. For technical support, you can check the “Use administrator contacts” checkbox. All data must be filled out in English.

Administrator contact

Next, fill in information about the organization. If you have chosen a certificate with organization verification, make sure that all fields are filled out correctly and that, according to WHOIS data, your domain really belongs to your organization, and not to a third party, for example, an executive or your system administrator.

In the next form, we check that the postal address for confirmation is correct. When ordering a certificate with domain name confirmation, a confirmation link will be sent to the specified email address. If you refuse to confirm the order or do not respond to the letter with the confirmation link, the order will be canceled and the certificate will not be issued. No refunds will be made in this case.

Fourth SSL order form

Next, create a new order and proceed to payment for the order:

Order SSL

At this stage, you will be able to choose a payment method convenient for you for the certificate:

Order payment

It is worth noting that when ordering a multi-domain SSL (usually the names of such SSLs contain the Multi-Domain prefix or the abbreviations MD or SAN, and on the website they are marked with a SAN filter) in the basic price may include up to 3-4 different domains depending on the provider, and when placing an order you specify only one main domain. Therefore, after completing the order, you need to double-click in your account in the Products/Services section - in the SSL certificates tab mouse to the ordered SSL and on the first tab Basic in the Notes field, add additional domains and click *OK.

After successfully ordering a certificate, you must activate the certificate. More details about the activation methods and procedure and all the nuances are described in a separate article. For multi-domain SSL, a certificate can be activated only after confirmation of all domains specified in the application.