1.1.1 How to register/restore an account

Account Registration

You can register an account by following the link from our website or by clicking here.

Вход в личный кабинет

Then an authorization window will open, where you can enter your login/password if you have registered before. Alternatively, you can register a new account, or recover access to an already registered account if you have forgotten your login or password - for this, you will need to provide either your login or the email you used to register the account, and a recovery email will be sent to that email address.

Форма авторизации

If you click on Registration, a window will appear where you need to create unique login and password using only Latin (English) letters. Other fields can be filled in using Cyrillic.

Форма регистрации

Only one account can be registered per email address/login/phone number. After registration, we will be directed to the personal account.

Ordering and Payment of Services

To make your website available online, you need to have a registered domain name and hosting account. You can order a service in the corresponding section of the Products and Services module by clicking on the Order icon.

Как заказать хостинг

During the first service order, you will need to verify your phone number. Therefore, please provide your correct contact number during verification, and an SMS message with a confirmation code will be sent to it. Enter this code in the appropriate field.

If you encounter any problems with verifying your phone number, please contact us for support, specifying the number that did not receive the SMS message.

After ordering a service, you will be directed to the payment procedure. At this stage, you have the option to choose a convenient payment method:

Методы оплаты

After ordering hosting or server services, you will receive an email with access parameters to your hosting account. You can also view access parameters in your personal account by selecting your service and clicking the Welcome icon:

Параметры доступа

You can always check the status of your services, their expiration date, and the cost of renewal in the corresponding fields on the main page or in the relevant section of the Products/Services module:

Список услуг