1.1.1 How to register a personal account

Banner The Personal Account is an essential functional component for every user, providing access to various services, functions, and uniquely personalized information. The key features of the Personal Account include:

  • Data Management: users can manage their personal data, including contact information, payment details, and other aspects, ensuring accuracy and timeliness of information.

  • Service and Product Management: the Personal Account allows users to view information about provided services or products, modify their parameters, manage subscriptions, and tariff plans conveniently and flexibly.

  • Communication and Support: the Personal Account provides the opportunity to contact customer support, ensuring convenient and timely interaction with the company or service, resolving issues, and obtaining necessary assistance.

  • Order and Transaction History: the ability to view order history, payments, and transactions allows users to track transaction statuses, receive detailed information about completed operations.

In this article, we will discuss the process of registering a Personal Account. This process is straightforward and understandable for new users. Let’s take a closer look at how to do it.

Registering an Account

1. To register an account, follow the authentication link on our website.


2. Then a window will open, where you can enter your login/password if you have registered before or create a new account. You can also recover access to an already registered account if you forgot your access details or they do not work.

Registration 1

3. When selecting Registration, the user proceeds to fill out a form where they need to specify a unique login and password in Latin (English), while other fields can be filled in using Cyrillic. Finally, be sure to check the I’m not a robot box; you may also need to complete a captcha.

Registration 2

4. Don’t forget to save the login and password you used during registration. After that, you will be able to log in using these credentials and place an order for services or a product.

Important: unique data such as login, E-mail, or phone number are required for each account.