3.1.2 How to find out and change the password for hosting, personal account, FTP

When registering/ordering a service, access parameters are sent to your contact email address. Also, the passwords for your services can always be viewed in your personal account by going to the appropriate section in the “Products/Services” module, highlighting your service and clicking on the “Letter” icon.

Find out the hosting password

If you want to change the password from the one sent to you to another one, we highly DO NOT recommend you assign simple passwords, such as “123321” or “qwerty”. The password will be strong if it contains both numbers and letters in upper and lower case.

You can change the password for your personal account while in it by clicking “Settings”.

Change password, hosting, ISP

If the password for your personal account has been lost, you can recover it when you log into your account by clicking on “Password recovery”.

Recover password, hosting, ISP

You can change the password for your hosting service in the ISP control panel by clicking “Settings” and entering a new password. Please keep in mind that when you change the hosting account password, the main FTP account password will automatically change. And vice versa, when you change the password of the main FTP account, the password for the hosting account will change.

Change ISP hosting password

You can change the password for FTP in the “FTP accounts” section by double-clicking on the desired account and specifying a new password.

Change FTP password