2.1.2 Domain life cycle

Domain name status and rotation cycle

The interval from the moment it becomes possible to register a domain name until the moment it is actually deleted determines the life cycle of the domain name.

The life cycle consists of the following main stages:

  1. Period of actual registration (Registered) - for most domain zones it is at least 1 year, but for some it is several years.

  2. Automatic renewal period (Auto Renew Grace Period) is the period after the expiration of the paid validity period, when the domain stops working and during which it is still possible to restore the domain at the regular price - present in most domain zones, has a period of 25-45 days, except for zones .de .eu .nl .pl .sk .be .dk .com.es .it .li .at .jp .ch .io .jobs .es .tm .sg, in which the domain is sent to deletion immediately upon expiration.

  3. The domain restoration period after deletion (Redemption Grace Period) usually lasts about 30 days, during which the domain can still be renewed, but with payment of a fine that is several times higher than the cost of a regular renewal. This period exists in almost all domain zones, except for example .ru, .рф, .su, .at, .uk.

  4. The period of actual deletion (Pending Delete) usually lasts about 5 days, during which it is no longer possible to restore the domain and after which the domain becomes free for open registration to everyone.

You can usually check the status of a domain in the WHOIS output about it.

Each stage includes a set of operations and actions that can be performed in relation to a domain name. The general diagram of the domain name life cycle is shown in the figure:

Domain life cycle

During its life cycle, a domain name can move from one state to another, from one stage to another. The general diagram of the transition between stages is presented in the figure:

Transition from domain statuses