3.4.3 How to work with the built-in email client

After creating a mailbox, you can then work with mail using the built-in mail clients. You can open the email client in the control panel in the “Additional applications” - “Email” section.

Working with mail on hosting

All shared hosting servers have two email clients available. By default, a newer and more convenient mail interface is installed. It is also possible to use an alternative client SquirrelMail.

You can select which client will be displayed in “Additional applications” in the control panel settings: Select mail client

To authorize in the client, enter the entire mailbox name and its password specified when creating the mailbox as login. The password can always be reassigned in the “Mailboxes” section.

Authorization in the Webmail email client

After authorization, you will be taken to the mail client interface, where you can fully use the mail in the mailbox you created.

Working with mail. ISP

You can also configure email clients such as The Bat or Outlook to work with mail. More details about setting up email clients.

Please note: the maximum email size cannot exceed 50 MB.