2.3.1 Our Name Servers. How to Change Your Domain's Name Servers

Nameservers are a crucial element in the functioning of the web space. These servers act as address books of the Internet, directing users to your and other websites.

When you enter the name of your domain www.example.com in the browser, nameservers transform this name into the unique IP address of your server. This process allows users worldwide to get a complete list of DNS records about your domain, recorded on this NS server, including the actual IP address of its content location.

Info: Name servers (NS) and DNS records are not the same. NS is, roughly speaking, a server that stores a list of all records for your and other domains. You can configure DNS records on multiple different NS servers, but only those specified for your domain will be effective. For more details on DNS settings or how to direct a domain to an IP address, you can refer to this link.

If you want to direct your domain to our hosting, set our name servers at the current domain registrar:

  • ns1.thehost.com.ua
  • ns2.thehost.com.ua
  • ns3.thehost.com.ua
  • ns4.thehost.com.ua

If you have purchased a domain name from us and want to direct it to another hosting provider, go to the personal account, navigate to the Domain Names section, click Edit, and in the third tab, set the name servers of your hosting provider. Be sure to activate the Edit the selected Domain NS option.

The NS servers of different providers should not be active simultaneously. In simpler terms, if you want to change NS to new ones, first delete or replace all old values.

Изменить NS неймсервера

Note: Changing DNS does not happen instantly and usually takes 12-24 hours.