3.7.2 How to install php CURL, GD and other extensions on the server

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Installing Additional Extensions

As a default, your VPS/VDS might not have the required libraries preinstalled to ensure the proper operation of different applications and scripts.

The PHP Extensions module is designed to manage extensions used by PHP scripts. This module is available to both administrators and users of the control panel, provided that PHP is configured in PHP as CGI mode when creating a new user.

To install these libraries, you can use the ISPmanager control panel in the Server Settings - PHP Extensions section. In this section, you will find a list of all available PHP extensions. If you need an extension that is not listed, follow these steps.

Example: installing additional extensions

1. Log in to your ISPmanager server control panel under the root account.

2. In the control panel, go to Server Settings - PHP Extensions.

3. Click Install.

4. In the opened window, choose the required extension.

5. Click OK to start the installation process of the selected extension.

Install curl, gd, and others in ISP panel

Using this tool will simplify the process of adding missing libraries, ensuring the smooth operation of your applications and scripts on the server. After installing the extension, to apply the changes, you need to perform a restart of the web server.