1.1.2 How to restore access and change the password to the personal account


Personal account TheHost.ua is your reliable assistant in managing services and financial transactions. It allows you to manage domains, hosting, virtual/dedicated servers, services colocation, SSL certificates and other services, as well as allows you to monitor service expiration dates and perform other important operations. Sometimes it may happen that for one reason or another you lose access to your personal account. In this article, we will consider in detail how to restore access and change the password to the personal account.

Recovery of the password to the personal account

To recover the password to your personal account, you can use the password recovery function during authorization, specifying your login in the next section user or contact mailbox.

Recovery password

Inform: if a contact phone number was linked to the account, a verification code will be sent to it first to restore access. If the phone number is not specified, password recovery instructions will be sent to the contact email.

Restore In case of loss of access, contact the Support Services subscriber department.

Important: in case the Subscriber loses access parameters to the contact mailbox and phone?

The Subscriber can restore access by contacting the Support Service of the Contractor from the contact email previously specified by the Subscriber in the properties your account.

If the Subscriber for various reasons lost access to his contact email, then access can be restored by sending the Contractor the access parameters in an SMS message to the Subscriber’s verified contact phone number.

If the Subscriber has also lost access to the contact phone number, then access can be restored only by official written application sent to the Contractor’s postal address. Moreover, if the Subscriber is an individual, then copies of pages 1 and 2 of the individual’s passport or birth certificate must be attached to the application. If the Subscriber is a legal entity, it is necessary to provide copies of the state registration certificate; the application must have the organization’s seal and signatureуполномоченного лица. However, it is not allowed to send an application and scanned copies of the above-mentioned documents via email or personal account system.

Documents must be sent only in hard copy.

Changing the password in the personal account

It is possible to change the password to your personal account while in it, you need to go to the Other Settings - General settings section and enter a new password in the Password and Re-enter password sections. Be sure to save the new password.

Змінити пароль, хостинг, ISP

Important: we recommend creating complex passwords that use combinations of numbers and letters in upper and lower case, as well as special characters. Passwords such as 123321 or qwerty are not secure. If you need a strong password, you can always use Password Generator, which will automatically generate a complex and strong password for you.

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