7.6 Request to perform work by TheHost employees with breaking the seal

If you need to carry out work on equipment located in the DC using TheHost technical specialists, then to carry out this operation you must perform the following steps:

  1. You need to contact support and describe the technical task required to complete to our technical specialists. You must write from your personal account or by email to info@thehost.ua.

  2. Receive a conclusion from technical support about the possibility, date, timing and cost of the work and agree on all the specified issues as part of the request.

  3. Based on the application you created, we issue an invoice for payment, and provide you with an Addition of consent to break the seals for signing.

  4. Pay the invoice or top up your account in your personal account in any convenient way. Sign Addition of consent to breaking seals and send it to us by mail or with digital signature via Paperless/Medoc/Vchasno.

  5. If the work included completing the server with your equipment, send it by mail to the address specified by support and tell us invoice number.

  6. After receiving the signed Addendum on the agreement to open the seals we will complete the technical task and reseal the server, which we will inform you about as part of the request initially created in your personal account.