3.3.2 Changing the operating mode of PHP and IP for the site, enabling libraries (extensions)

By default, the PHP interpreter mode for your websites is set to Apache. However, some scripts may require an alternative PHP interpreter mode - CGI.

If your script is not working correctly, or not working at all, or if there is no component update or installation occurring, try changing the PHP interpreter mode to an alternative one and check the operation of your scripts. To do this, go to the ISP control panel in the “WWW Domains” section, select your domain, and click “Edit”. In the domain properties, change the mode to an alternative one in the “PHP” line.

Сменить режим php. ISP, apache, cgi

Also, in the menu mentioned above, you can change the IP address for your website - you can select it from the dropdown menu of available IP addresses.

For websites operating in PHP CGI mode, it is possible to connect necessary libraries (extensions) in the “PHP Extensions” section.

Расширения PHP

The specified section is available only after enabling at least one domain in PHP CGI mode - if it is not displayed for you, after enabling PHP CGI for the domain, refresh your browser page - press the F5 key or click “Refresh”.