1.3.5 How to order a domain

How to choose a domain name on our website

You can check the availability of a domain for registration or transfer on our website on the domains page, or in personal account in the Products/services -> Domain section names if you already have a registered account.

On the website the Domains page is more informative and looks like this:

Страница Домены на нашем сайте

In the Domain check field after WWW. indicate the desired domain name in English letters, numbers from 0 to 9 and the special dash character “-” are also acceptable and select below the domain zones in which you would like to check the domain and click the Check button or press Enter.

For ease of searching, all domain zones on the website and in the account are divided into 4 categories: Polar, Ukrainian, Foreign and Thematic domains. Since it is not possible to display absolutely all domain zones on one page in a readable manner. There are quite a few of them, most domain zones are hidden, and only the most popular ones are displayed by default - you can display all domain zones in a category or hide them using the Show all/Show main button.

НOn the site, you can also use a filter to display domain zones by region or subject (the screenshot above shows regional options for Ukrainian domains). Using the buttons on the right Select all/Uncheck all you can select or deselect all domain zones in the category.

If you hover your mouse over a domain zone and hold it for a few seconds, brief additional information about the domain zone will appear (an example for the UA domain is shown in the screenshot above).

For each domain zone, the price for domain registration/renewal/transfer for 1 year is indicated.

Also, indexes have been installed for some domain zones:

  • IDN - domain zone also supports additional Cyrillic domain registration in Russian/Ukrainian languages ​​(for example domain.com or domain.ukr).
  • DOCS - to register such domains, you must additionally indicate the owner’s passport data (series, passport number, by whom and when it was issued, and date of birth for individuals or registration number for a legal entity) (zones ru, su, rf, by , kz )
  • TM - to register a domain, it is necessary to have a certificate for the trademark of the same name as the domain name (today only the .UA zone is registered in this way)

After you have selected the domain name and suitable domain zones and clicked the Check button, the site will display options for free, busy and unavailable domains:

Проверка доступности на сайте

On this page you can check Whois information about registered domains. You can sort the list of proposed domains alphabetically, by condition or by cost using the sorting functional buttons (up/down arrows next to the field name) in the Header.

If you want to transfer your domain already registered with another registrar to us for service, please fulfill the following requirements and click Transfer domain to us.

How to order a domain name

If the domain you like is available, click on the Buy button.

Next you will be taken to your personal account, or you will need to create your new account registration) for further registration of the domain application and payment for the service.

Depending on what operation you have chosen (registration or transfer), a checkbox will be selected in the following window:

Чекбокс регистрации или трансфера

If you want to transfer your domain to us from another registrar, in this window you will need to select Domain Name Transfer and in the Confirmation Code window that appears, specify the transfer code for the domain.

To register a new domain, select Register a new domain and click Next. Further operations are no different and are the same for transferring and registering a domain - the Select domain name window will appear:

Выбор доменного имени

In the specified window, you can select in the Tariff group field a domain zone category, according to the existing categories described above on the site, in the Domain name field, specify the domain you need without domain zone extension, and in the Top domain zone level select the domain zone of your domain. You can also check the box “Check similar domains in other top-level zones” so that you will be given options for available domains in other zones and click Next:

Проверка доступности в личном кабинете

The next window displays the status of the main option and the proposed options for free domains in other domain zones - select what suits you and click Next - a window appears with the rules for the provision of services and the regulations of the domain zone you have chosen - we recommend that you read them, because Ignorance does not excuse you from responsibility, check the box I have read and agree to the terms of service and click Next.

Domain contact

Then the window for creating/selecting domain contact will appear: Контакт домена

Domain Contact is the internal name of the record in your account, which will store information about the owner of the domain, which you will indicate in the following stages of registration once and can be used for your other domains, without specifying all the necessary data again, but simply by selecting a previously created contact from the list. You can specify any name for the contact, no one will see it except you.

There are 2 types of contacts:

1. Basic - this is the main contact that is used for most domain zones - it consists of records of the owner’s full name, company name, email, phone, fax, address. All fields must be filled out only in ENGLISH, according to the prompts described on the form, telephone and fax must be indicated with spaces and a plus as indicated on the prompt on the form.

It is worth noting that if you specify Private person in the Company field, then the owner of the domain will be the full name of the individual. person specified in the same window; if you specify any other company name, the owner of the domain will be the specified legal entity. face, and physical the person will simply be a contact, but not the owner of the intellectual property. An example of filling out a basic contact is shown in the following figures:

Базовый контакт 1

Базовый контакт 2

Базовый контакт 3

After creating or selecting the main contact of the domain, similar actions must be performed for the Administrative, Technical and Financial records of the domain, that is, either select from existing contacts, or create new ones, or simply use the owner contact.

2. Contact Personal/Company contains additional fields that are used for the domains ru, рф, su, kz, by - these are additional fields such as passport series/number, issued by whom and when, date of birth, TIN and company registration number for legal entities. persons You also need to fill out the fields according to the prompts on the form:

Компания контакт 1 Компания контакт 2 Компания контакт 3 Компания контакт 4 Компания контакт 5

Important: when filling out the domain owner’s information, please indicate valid, up-to-date information, because The one you specify will be the owner of the domain and it will no longer be possible to change the data of a non-existent owner.

After completing the data filling, all that remains is to simply indicate the NS servers of your hoster, or simply check the box Use the provider’s NS servers to install our NS servers:

Установка НС при регистрации домена

Additionally: in the future the name server can be changed as follows.

All you have to do is pay for the order using one of the available payment methods:

A domain name usually becomes active 6-24 hours after it is submitted for registration. In some cases, when registrations are manually processed by domain name registries, this operation may take longer.