3.8.5 Why does it redirect me to BlockList when I enter the site? What is this and why the IP was blocked

The BlockList project is designed to provide protection against the negative impact of malicious and potentially dangerous phenomena on the Internet. First of all, this service will help Internet and hosting providers protect their subscribers from hacking of their sites, from receiving a large number of spam mailings, or from attempts to guess passwords for servers and equipment.

BlockList analyzes Internet traffic and, using internal algorithms for identifying malicious traffic, adds IP addresses that carry out attacks, spam and password guessing to the block list. Depending on the type and strength of malicious traffic, the IP address will remain for a different time. If desired, the IP address can be unblocked manually on the “Check IP” page:

What is BlockList.net.ua

For ordinary users, this resource will allow you to quickly check whether any malicious actions have been performed from his IP address, which can be directly or indirectly caused by a virus on the computer or that some other unscrupulous user is also working from the visitor’s IP address .

How to avoid such blocking for users whose IP is blacklisted

We recommend checking your computer with an antivirus, because… Often it is viruses that carry out malicious activities without the user’s consent that are the cause of spam mailings and attacks on other resources. We also recommend that you check that your IP address is not being used by someone else who could perform any malicious actions on the Internet.

After completing the check, you just need to go to the website BlockList and unlock it by entering the captcha in the “Check IP” section:

BlockList section "Check IP"