7.3 Placing additional or changing the characteristics of previously installed equipment

If you want to place additional or change the characteristics of previously installed equipment in TheHost DC, then to perform this operation you must complete the following steps:

  1. You must notify us of any future additional listings or changes to listings. In this case, it is necessary to indicate the characteristics of the new equipment or a description of the changed properties. The notification must be sent to us from personal account or via email to info@thehost.ua.

  2. Select the required tariff for placing new equipment and, if necessary, a list of additional services in your personal account

  3. Based on the application you described, we issue, if necessary, an invoice for payment and provide a Equipment Acceptance Certificate.

  4. Carefully read the Acceptance Certificate, print it in one copy, sign and send us along with your equipment.

  5. Pay the invoice or top up your account in your personal account in any convenient way.

  6. Send by courier service, along with the equipment, the previously printed and signed Acceptance Certificate. When sending equipment and documents, it is obligatory to pay the full cost of delivery, since without this equipment, it cannot be accepted on our part.

If the placement of additional or changes in the characteristics of previously installed equipment is planned without using a courier service, then you need to inform the date and time of the planned visit to TheHost DC in advance, no earlier than one day in advance.