1.1.4 Partner program

Terms and connection to the affiliate program

TheHost hosting provider’s affiliate program is a reliable and transparent solution that allows you to earn money from clients to whom you recommend our services. Our affiliate program, unlike many competitors, allows you to do this automatically by placing your affiliate link on your website, blog or media channel.

Affiliate reward of 10% includes income from all hosting services (Shared Hosting, Premium Hosting, Reselling Hosting, FTP VPS/VDS hosting) and rental services for Dedicated dedicated physical servers and Colocation servers. There are no charges for services that we resell, such as domain names, SSL certificates, software licenses.

The affiliate program makes it possible to receive affiliate rewards throughout the entire period of referral payments, withdraw funds from your personal account to your WebMoney wallet, and control receipts, because payments are made on a certain date - on the night from the 1st to the 2nd of the next month, check the statistics of referrals and registrations of referrals.

To receive an affiliate referral link or an affiliate promotional code, you need to go to your personal account in the “Client” -> “Affiliate Programs” section: Affiliate program in your personal account

In order for the linking of a referral via a referral link to occur automatically, before clicking on the referral link, you must clear the browser cache (cookies) so that it does not store information about previous transitions to the site. If the referral has already registered an account, or the link did not work, you can apply the promo code indicated in the previous figure when ordering a service in the referral’s account.

You can check when and from what IP and website the client registered and under what login and whether the payment was made in your account in the Affiliate program section by selecting your affiliate program and clicking the Statistics button at the top right.

Clicks on your referral links

In the Finance -> Income section from the affiliate program, you can see when, how many and from which client you received referrals. In the Finance -> Payments section, such accruals will have the payment method “Internal credit”. To withdraw funds, you need to write a request from your account indicating the amount to be withdrawn (at least 100 UAH) and details. Withdrawals cannot be made more often than once every 1 calendar month. Withdrawals are carried out within 1-3 banking days from the date of submitting an application for withdrawal of funds.

If for some reason the referral is not linked to your account and you do not receive accruals for him, you need to write a support request from your account and the referral’s account with a request to link his account to your referral manually and indicate your promo code - the manual linking request will be considered, but funds not received before the time of application will no longer be credited to you manually.