7.1 Equipment placement using courier service

If you want to place equipment at TheHost DC using a courier service, then to complete this procedure you must complete the following steps:

  1. Register in your personal account or log into your previously created account.

  2. Send us the appropriate request from personal account or via email to info@thehost.ua regarding the required tariff for hosting a server and, if necessary, additional services.

  3. Based on the application you provided, we agree on the conditions for placing the equipment, issue an invoice for payment (for any period you choose, but not less than one month), draw up an Agreement and Acceptance Certificate- transfer of equipment.

  4. For your part, you will need to read the Agreement and Acceptance Certificate, then print out the documents in one copy and sign.

  5. You must pay the invoice or top up your account in your personal account in any convenient way.

  6. Send by courier service, along with the equipment, the previously printed and signed Agreement, Transfer and Acceptance Certificate, as well as copies of the documents on the basis of which the Agreement was formed. When sending equipment and documents, be sure to pay the full cost of delivery, since without this equipment from our side it will not be possible to accept it.

  7. In advance, no earlier than one day, inform the date and time of the planned delivery and placement of equipment.

  8. After receiving the original documents along with your equipment, we put signatures on the second copy of the Agreement and the Transfer and Acceptance Certificate, after which we send it to you with an electronic signature or using a courier service. Courier services are paid for by the Subscriber.

List of documents that must be provided to conclude an Agreement on the placement of equipment from TheHost DC:

For a legal entity:

  • a copy of the state registration certificate or extract;
  • a copy of the certificate of inclusion in the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine;
  • copy of documents (photocopy of passport, identification code) of persons who will have access to the equipment.

For an individual and an individual entrepreneur:

  • copy of passport;
  • copy of identification code;
  • a copy of the registration certificate of individual entrepreneur (entrepreneurial entity);
  • copy of documents (photocopy of passport, identification code) of persons who will have access to the equipment.