3.1.4 How to transfer a website from another hosting

1. It is necessary to park the domain name on our hosting by adding the domain name in the “Domain Names” section in the control panel, while also creating a “WWW domain” and email domain, as shown in the figure below:

Как припарковать / добавить домен на хостинге

2. Create a backup of the website on the old hosting (an archive containing a folder with the same name as the domain with content and a database dump).

3. Upload this archive to our server using the FTP protocol (for example, using Total Commander or Filezilla), using the access parameters sent to you when registering the hosting in the email, or using the utilities of the control panel.

Как загрузить архив на хостинг

4. Unzip the archive using the built-in archiver in the file manager using the “Extract” button or via the SSH protocol.

Разархивировать архив

5. Place the content folder in the root of the domain with the same name in the file manager folder (www/website_name/)

Правильное размещение файлов сайта

6. Delete the index.html placeholder file in the domain folder.

7. In the “Databases” section, create a new database with a new username and password.

8. Specify these new database parameters in the configuration file of your website (for example, configuration.php). For more details, see this article.

9. Log in with the new username and password to phpMyAdmin and export the database from the dump that you transferred in the backup to the hosting. The export operation is considered successful if the newly created database in the “Databases” section has a non-zero size. For more information on working with databases, see here.

10. Change the name servers at the domain registrar to ours.

Our nameservers:
  • ns1.thehost.com.ua
  • ns2.thehost.com.ua
  • ns3.thehost.com.ua
  • ns4.thehost.com.ua

Additionally: while the network is updating, you can check the functionality of the site by using the following method:

  • Open the file “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” in a text editor
  • Add the line “IP-address your_domain” (without quotes)
  • Save the changes

After that, your domain will open in your browser from our hosting, and you will be able to work with it or test its functionality without waiting for the domain registration.

11. Enter the domain name in the browser and check if the site is running. If not, you can read the log file in the file manager to find out what the problem is. How to view site logs..

If you cannot solve the problem on your own, please contact the support.