2.3.5 How to show/hide domain owner information in WHOIS

When registering a domain name in most domain zones, information about the domain owner is displayed in the results of the public WHOIS service. The WHOIS service is also available on our website, with which you can check public information about a particular domain name.

Our clients have access to simple and convenient control of displaying/hiding domain name owner data in WHOIS results. In order to hide or display information, you need to go to your personal account, where in the section “Products/services” - “Domain names” - select the desired domain name, then open the domain configuration by clicking on the “Config” button above the list of domain names on the right. In the Privacy Protection field you can enable or disable the display of owner data.

Скрытие данных Whois 1

Скрытие данных Whois 2

Скрытие данных Whois 3

Attention: this function is not available for all domain zones.