2.1.6 Features of domain registration in some zones (.UA, .EU, .DE)

Domain registration in the UA zone

A domain in the UA zone can be registered only by the owner of the trademark of the same name, who has the appropriate documents for the trademark. Processing time for registration application is 1-5 business days.

Domain registration in the RU zone

The following reliable data is required:

Series, passport number, who issued it, date of issue, registration address, date of birth.

Registration of domains in the zones nikolaev.ua, mk.ua, ternopil.ua, te.ua, lutsk.ua

The peculiarity of these zones is that the administrators of these zones process applications manually. Therefore, domain registration can take up to 3-5 days or more.

Registration of domains in the zones EU (European Union), CA (Canada), CN (China), US (USA), DE (Germany)

Citizens of the country of the desired domain or persons with permanent residence in this country can register domains in these zones. You must provide your last name, first name, address and telephone number in the country. Companies must provide the name of the company registered in the country, address and telephone number.

Domain registration in the ASIA zone

The country of the domain owner in this zone must be in Asia.

Domain registration in the TEL zone

The domain in this zone is NOT intended to work as a website address

Domains in this zone are intended for storing and managing personal and corporate contacts.