3.8.3 Can't delete backup: User are not allowed to delete an archive made by root

When trying to free up space in the disk quota of your hosting, you may encounter a situation where backups in the Backups tab cannot be deleted. At the same time, the panel shows an error like this:

Apr 26 14:27:04 Backup ERROR (global block): User 'exampleuser' are not allowed to delete an archive made by root

What to do in this case? After all, you see in the Backups tab several backups of the form admin-1_full..., which together take up a lot of space on your hosting?

Backup copies take up space in your disk quota only if they are created on your own instructions. Backups of the type admin-1_full... are created on the instructions of the administration, are stored on a separate server and do not occupy your disk space. You cannot delete them. However, they are still available for use:

Backup by administration

In this example, the space on your disk quota is occupied only by a single user backup, with the name 1_usercustombackup-2024-04-26.

Simply put, you should not worry about administration backups. They do not take up a single megabyte of disk space in your tariff plan!