1.1.3 Extension of services

Banner Service renewal and auto-renewal are important aspects when using services and services. Failure to resume at the right time or ignorance of the auto-resume process can result in untimely shutdown or loss of access to important features. Let’s take a closer look at these aspects to have a clear understanding and ensure smooth operation of services and services.

How to extend the service

To extend the validity period of a service, you need to go to the Products/Services section, first select the type of service, then go to the service and highlight it with the left mouse button and click the Renew button and select the desired renewal period.

In the Pay by section there will be an opportunity to pay from the funds on your balance or create a new order, with the possibility of payment using one of the methods. If you do not have funds in your personal account balance, we recommend selecting New order and checking the Pay now checkbox.

How to renew your hosting service

Additionally: tou can pay for services from funds that are already in the account in your personal account, for this you need to select Current account in the Pay section. Current account

How to enable auto-renew

To ensure the continuous operation of your projects, it is extremely important to avoid interruptions in the services provided. TheHost offers a convenient auto-renewal option that allows you to automatically extend the validity of your services when the end of the payment period approaches. It takes off your shoulders the need to constantly monitor service expiration dates and manually renew them on time.

Automatic renewal of the service is activated in its settings and is triggered one day before the end of the paid period. For successful auto-renewal, you need a positive balance on your personal account. It is recommended to top up your account with the required amount in advance to avoid service interruption.

Auto renew

You can also use the automatic payment service My payment cards, which allows TheHost clients to quickly and conveniently pay for services using Visa/MasterCard/PROSTIR cards. The procedure is very simple, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Add a bank card in the My payment cards section.
  2. In the service properties, enable Auto-renewal by selecting the renewal period.
  3. In the payment card properties (section My payment cards), activate auto-renewal with the On button. auto-renewal or check the box in the card properties Auto-renewal.

Auto renew

If at some point in time you need to disable automatic payment, to do this, simply disable the auto-renewal option in the properties of your payment card. To do this, select a payment card and click the Off button. auto-renewal or open the card properties and uncheck the Auto-renewal checkbox.

Important: to automatically pay for services using the auto-renewal function, you must top up your personal account in advance. To make an instant payment using a payment card, the card must be active and have sufficient funds on the balance.